Fully automatic blocking has proven to be essential in maintaining quality control and efficiency in a wholesale lab environment. It reduces the risk of waste due to human error dramatically. WECO has more experience than anyone in the field of industrial Automatic Blocking, as a result, it has developed a revolutionary next generation blocker that is designed to boost the output of your lab. 

Our patented Wavefront Lens Analysis Technology is industry proven to be accurate, reliable, incredibly fast and most importantly, easy to use. As a result, the WECO C.6 Industrial is the fastest manual loading blocker in the market with a throughput of up to 60 jobs per hour.


weco c.6 industrial line


Features include:

  • Wavefront power-mapping and lens inspection
  • Elimination of lensmeter means one less step in the lens preparation process
  • HD camera for laser engraving recognition
  • Camera assisted blocking
  • Automatic blocking
  • Positioning accuracy within .05mm
  • Customizable tolerance database
  • Automatic recognition of progressive markings
  • Color Touchscreen LCD
  • User-friendly touch based interface
  • Self-diagnosis Automatic calibration
  • Fast learning curve from intuitive touch-screen interface
  • Compliant with the VCA/OMA Communication Standard

Wavefront Powermapping TechnologyWavefront Power Mapping Technology 
The WECO C.6 is the first blocker to incorporate wavefront power mapping technology in the unit to accurately superimpose progressive lens designs on the lens shape. This virtually eliminates human error during the layout phase.

Customizable Tolerance DatabaseCustomizable Tolerance Database
Adjust the power tolerances for the different lens powers according to your requirements. The C.6i is pre-programmed to adhere to ANSI standards.

Progressive Lens Markings RecognitionProgressive Markings Recognition
Eliminate redos due to user error with automatic progressive marking recognition

c.5 store up to 2048 shapesEasy Access to Stored Jobs 
Easily store up to 5000 jobs or 10000 shapes. Shape preview makes selecting the right job a snap!




Memory Jobs: 5000, Shapes: 10000
VCA Compliance Yes
Weight 60lbs
Dimensions 14"(W) x 15"(D) x 24"(H)




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