The ruggedly durable manual blocker. The all new Speede® has set the standard for high-speed finish layout and adhesive blocking. New features such as horizontal decentration and an enlarged vision screen for viewing and blocking make the Speede® even better than before.


speedepic2Features Include:

  • Comfortable viewing angle.
  • Eliminates parallax and seg distortion with binocular reflection viewing.
  • Unique horizontal and vertical alignment adjustments.
  • Intelligently designed front loading for ease of use.
  • Adapters available for most blocking systems.
  • Fast lever motion presses block exactly on target.
  • Eliminates layout marking.









Size 8.5" W x 16.5" H x 12" D
Weight 16lbs
Electrical Requirements 120v., 60Hz. 0.25 AMPS.
Made in the USA



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