AUGUST 14, 2009 -- AIT unveils new Contiuum Paternless Edger


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Matthew Vulich
Vice President Marketing
AIT Industries
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AIT unveils new Contiuum Paternless Edger

AIT Industries, a member of the Indo Group, headquartered in Bensenville, Illinois, will be releasing to the industry for the first time at Vision Expo West the Continuum Edging System.  Continuum is designed specifically for those who are new to in-office edging, its intuitive interface simplifies the steps required to process lenses and as a result, increases overall efficiency and significantly reduces training time in comparison with competing edgers.  Continuum is ideally suited for low to medium volume optical dispensaries and offers all of the features that modern dispensaries require.  Continuum bevels, polishes, grooves, and safety bevels.  Its ability to process all lens materials offers eye care professionals the flexibility they need in an ever-changing market.  “We feel that the Continuum is best in its class at offering a quicker return on investment and lowest cost of ownership in the industry.” says Matthew Vulich, Vice-President Marketing.