FEBRUARY 22, 2011 -- AIT Signs Agreement to Distribute WECO Equipment


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Matthew Vulich
Vice President Marketing
AIT Industries
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AIT Signs Agreement to Distribute WECO Equipment

AIT Industries, headquartered in Bensenville, Illinois, signed an agreement with WECO to distribute the WECO Industrial product line for the U.S. Market. WECO of Germany is a world class leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality lens finishing equipment for wholesale labs as well as small optical shops. WECO’s industrial product line is highlighted by the Edge 990 Robotic Patternless Edging System, Verifier Pro Turbo, and the new Edge 580 Patternless Edger. The Edge 580 incorporates wrap frame edging technology and a simple to use Chemistrie® magnetic lens software user interface. The Edge 990 is the first automated robotic edging system that eliminates the traditional block and blocking pad from the edging process. WECO has over 40 Edge 990 blockless robotic systems operating in 15 different countries throughout the world. AIT will be introducing this proven technology to the U.S. Market at the Vision Expo East trade show. “We are proud to be distributing the WECO brand in the U.S. market and look forward to re-establishing its leadership in the market. Weco’s tradition of high quality durably manufactured products complements the rich tradition of AIT in the U.S. Market.” says Matthew Vulich, Vice President Marketing.

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