This next generation autolensmeter is based on Visionix wave front technology. Acquire a detailed analysis of a frame through the push of a button.

The VX40 can detect and analyze single vision, bifocals, and progressive lenses and is compatible with all lens technologies and brands.

VX40 Autolensmeter Lens AnalyzerKey Features:

  • Automatic measurement
  • Progressive lens analysis
  • Single vision measurement
  • Automatic lens type detection
  • Freeform lens analysis
  • Comparison between progressive lenses
  • Internal printer
  • RS-232 and Bluetooth interfaces
  • Mono and binocular PD measurement
  • Automatic Left / Right eye movement
  • Automatic detection of virtually all lens technologies and brands


The VX40 is fully automated, after placing the frame and initializing the start procedure, Lens analysis and measurement is completely automatic, even left / right eye movement requires no user input.

The VX40 detects all types of lenses including freeform, progressives, bifocals, and single vision lenses. It is compatible with virtually every lens technology and brand.

The VX40 will analyze progressive and freeform lenses then convey the measurements in the form of a visual topographic map of the power ranges across the lens. These lens types no longer have to be a mystery to you.

The lens is studied completely, allowing you to pick any point on the lens to verify the power and accuracy of the manufacturing. Even free form progressive lenses will be able to be compared and analyzed.




Measurement Range Sph: -15 to +10D
Cyl: 0 to +10D
Axis: 0-180°(1°Step)
Add: 0 to +-3.5D
Prism: 0 to +-10
PD Measurement Monocular / Binocular
Power Measurement Accuracy 0.01, 0.06, 0.125, 0.25D Steps Printer Thermal
Dimensions W:8.66" x L:9.44" x H:17.9" Weight 20lbs
Data Output RS-232, Bluetooth Pupil Distance 10-85mm
Light Source LED - 730nm Power 115/230V 50/60 hz
Standards CE Screen 7" Color



Visionix VX40 Photo Gallery

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