The L67 autorefractor/ keratometer is the sister product to the L78.  It features the same Wavefront measurement technology without the automatic measurement functionality to make it a more economical alternative without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.


Visionix L67 Autorefractor KeratometerKey Features:

  • Shack-Hartmann mapping method
  • Measures pupils as small as 2mm
  • Based on Wavefront technology
  • Global view of refraction aberrations
  • EMR and VX55 digital refraction compatibility
  • Retro-illumination - spot aberrations in the IOL and cornea scratches easily


The Shack-Hartmann sensor analyzes distortions of a wavefront at the pupil exit after crossing optics. With over 1500 measurement points this allows a global view of eye refraction aberrations and allows measurement of small pupil diameters as small as 2mm

Using infrared retro-illumination, the L67 provides a detailed view of the eye which is helpful for identifying cataracts, vitreous opacity, scars, and other serious eye problems.

The L67 has an integrated printer.  When data transfer is required you may transfer data to a PC or most automatic phoropters via a universal communication system.



Refraction Measurement Sph: -25D to +22D(.12/.25D Step)
Cyl: 0 to +10D(.12/.25D Step)
Axis: 0-180°(1°Step)
Power 100-240V
Minimum Pupil Diameter ø2.0mm Printer Thermal w/ Automatic Cutter
Dimensions W:10" x L:19.68 x H:17" Weight 44lbs
Observed Area 14mm Alignment Manual
Working Distance 91mm Acquisition Time 0.2 Sec
Measuring Points 1500 Screen 6.5" LCD



Visionix L67 Photo Gallery

L67 #4-Retroillumination Mode
L67 #3 Retroillumination Comparison Mode
L67 #2-Pupil Mesurement Mode
L67 #1-Acuity Map Mode
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