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Vision Expo West 2017

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Visit Us At Vision Expo West 2017!

Booth info to be announced soon!


See incredible and innovative products at our booth such as ...


WECO E.6 Series Patternless Lens EdgersWECO E.6 Patternless Lens Edger

The WECO E.6 Series Lens Edgers are a premium edging system featuring first in class shelf beveling and an advanced milling tool. When coupled with the C.5 Automatic Blocker it is able to process incredibly complex shapes that used to be impossible in a traditional finishing lab.


WECO C.6 Automatic BlockerWECO C.6 Automatic Blocker

The first dedicated blocker featuring wave-front power mapping technology, an advanced feature that allows you to see progressive lens designs with the lens shape superimposed, making edging progressives lenses incredibly fast and easy for the operator. Also experience Gravitech® non-contact optical tracing system that uses the center of mass of a demo lens to accurately reproduce the shape in 3 dimensions with trace times of under 4 seconds.





Obtain a detailed analysis of any frame. The VX40 can detect and analyze single vision, bifocals, and progressive lenses and is compatible with all lens technologies and brands.