The VisuReal Portable measurement system is a revolution in video centration. It combines a specialized optical system designed to mount on an iPad with a powerful software package that can determine all required centration values including PD, Fitting Heights, Boxing Dimensions, Head Rotation, Inclination, and Vertex Distance in seconds! See how the visuReal Portable system is the most professional and cost effective way of video centration on the market!

visureal portable video centration systemFeatures and Benefits:

  • Takes the following measurements:
    • Pupillary Distance
    • Vertex Distance
    • Fitting Heights
    • Boxing Dimensions
    • Head Rotation
    • Inclination
  • Takes photos and movies of the customers with high prescriptions that cannot see themselves wearing trial lenses.
  • Uploads photos and videos to the cloud for viewing by friends and relatives.
  • Uses cloud computing to instantly compute measurements
  • Easily e-mail or store measurement data online.


Video Centration Photo Gallery

VC 1 panoramic video for patients with high prescription

Take panoramic videos for customers with high prescriptions.

VC 2 measuring tool

The advanced measuring tool can handle any frame.

VC 3 easy alignment with digital level

Take quick and easy measurements with an integrated digital level.

VC 4 2012 silmo dor winner

Winner of the 2012 Silmo d'Or award for Equipment.