The WECO C.6 is the newest blocking solution from AIT, it is the first dedicated blocker to feature wave-front power mapping technology. This advanced feature allows you to see progressive lens designs with the lens shape superimposed, making edging progressives lenses incredibly fast and easy for the operator.

Another feature is the new Gravitech® non-contact optical tracing system that uses the center of mass of a demo lens to accurately reproduce the shape in 3 dimensions. Smart Design 2.0 technology allows the operator to cut customized rimless eyewear with ease. Trace times of under 4 seconds along with VCA/OMA compliance make this blocker ideally suited for multiple applications including retail and wholesale lab environments.


WECO C.6 Automatic Lens Blocker with Lensometry


Features include:

  • Wavefront power-mapping and lensometery
  • Smart Design shape tracing and modification with Bezier Curves
  • Elimination of lensmeter means one less step in the lens preparation process
  • Camera assisted blocking
  • Automatic blocking
  • Automatic drill point recognition
  • Manual adjustment of drill points
  • Easily add or remove holes or slots
  • Modify hole diameter
  • Ability to add blind holes
  • Positioning accuracy within .05mm
  • Automatic recognition of progressive markings
  • Non-contact camera tracing of demo lenses and patterns
  • Shape modification: both vertical and horizontal boxing can be modified by the operator
  • Color Touchscreen LCD
  • User-friendly touch based interface
  • Self-diagnosis Automatic calibration
  • Compliant with the VCA/OMA Communication Standard



chemistrie eyewear that clicks





Smart Design 2.0 Optical Trace and Shape Design SystemSmart Design 2.0 Optical Trace and Shape Design System
The Smart Design camera system helps increase the accuracy of shape reproduction far beyond what can be achieved with a conventional stylus.

Wavefront Powermapping TechnologyWavefront Power Mapping Technology 
The WECO C.6 is the first blocker to incorporate wavefront power mapping technology in the unit to accurately superimpose progressive lens designs on the lens shape. This virtually eliminates human error during the layout phase.

Gravitech Tracing TechnologyGravitech Patented Non-Contact Tracing Technology
Gravitech® is a non-contact optical tracing system that uses the center of mass of a demo lens to accurately reproduce the shape in 3 dimensions.

Progressive Lens Markings RecognitionProgressive markings recognition
Eliminate redos due to user error with automatic progressive marking recognition

c.5 store up to 2048 shapesRobust job storage
Easily store up to 5000 jobs or 10000 shapes. Shape preview makes selecting the right job a snap!




Memory Jobs: 5000, Shapes: 10000
Shape Modification Vertical, Horizontal, Smart Design with Bezier Curves
VCA Compliance Yes
Weight 60lbs
Dimensions 14"(W) x 15"(D) x 24"(H)




WECO C.6 Image Gallery

C6 Engraving Cut-800px
C6 Shape Modification Cut-800px
C6 Drill Admin Cut-800px
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