The CONTINUUM SOLO patternless edging system defines the tradition of AIT. Since 1964 AIT has been providing lens finishing solutions that fit our core principles: simplicity of operation, durability of design, ease of repair, and the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Today CONTINUUM SOLO offers a streamlined and attractive design with advanced electronics to deliver patternless technology that will provide you with years of trouble free operation. CONTINUUM SOLO is born from our many years of experience in the industry developing patternless technology that will process the most advanced lens coatings and all lens materials in the market. This lens edger offers beveling, grooving, safety bevel and polishing of all plastic materials to deliver a solution that meets the core lens processing needs of every lab. You can trust in AIT's CONTINUUM SOLO to grow your profits.

continuum solo patternless edgerFeatures and Benefits:

  • 2 grinding wheels for roughing all materials(Glass, CR-39, High-Index, Polycarbonate, and Trivex)
  • Specialized roughing process for lenses with slick coating such as superhydrophobic coatings(could also be applicable for very thin mineral lenses)
  • Grinding wheel for beveling all materials
  • 10° fixed grooving angle
  • Automatic polishing of all plastic materials including polycarbonate and Trivex.
  • Automatic internal and external safety bevel
  • continuous 3D mapping
  • Bevel programs: automatic, program guided, manual and flat
  • Compliant with the VCA Communication Standard. EN-ISO 16284:2001
  • CE compliant
  • UL Approved


CS 1 continuum durable groover1. Durable grooving and safety bevel assembly
Industrial grade motors and elegant engineering has produced a groover that is a cut above the competition in quality and durability.

CS 2 continuum user interface2. User-Friendly Interface
Our high resolution color screen and intuitive user interface simplifies training, which directly translates into less spoilage.

CS 3 continuum digital signal processor3. New DSP for blazingly fast speed
With its state of the art digital signal processor, the lens edger's data calculations and transfer times are staggeringly quick, increasing speed and efficiency.

CS 4 continuum advanced memory storage4. Robust Memory Storage
The CONTINUUM SOLO Patternless Lens Edger's High-Capacity non-volatile memory allows storage of up to 120 jobs.




Bevel Modes Automatic, Manual, Flat
Minimum B Dimension 18.9mm on rimless and bevel
VCA Compliance Yes
Weight 89 lbs
Power Consumption 1200w 110V 60Hz
Dimensions 23.5"W x 17.3"D x 16.33"H


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  • Value

    Intelliblocker Semi-Auto Blocker Continuum Tracer
  • Economy

    Speede Manual Blocker Continuum Tracer
  • 1
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