Portable autorefractor/keratometer.

The Retinomax family is the new generation of hand-held autorefractors. With unsurpassed accuracy and ease of use, the Retinomax Series outperform the competition and are considered the gold standard in hand-held autorefraction.



Retinomax3 portable autorefractor keratometerFeatures Include:

  • Most accurate hand-held Autorefractor available
  • Wireless Measure in any direction
  • Auto Charging
  • Pass through alignment
  • New Auto Quick Measurement
  • New Auto Pupil Measurement, Display and Printout
  • Parallel sensor detects inclination of Main Body and Displays Value
  • New Lithium Ion Battery extends battery life to 80 minutes


retinomax 3 charging stationSmall Footprint for Limited Space
The Retinomax 3 has a small footprint for use in limited space environments. You can charge and print from the same location!


retinomax 3 control panelControl Panel
The Retinomax 3 has an easy-to-use ergonomic control panel, making operation a breeze.


retinomax 3 wireless printerWireless Printer
Printing your measurements has never been easier with the included compact, wireless printer.





Refract Measurement Range Sphere: -18D to +23D
Cylinder: ±12D
Axis: 1° to 180°
Increments Auto/0.25D Selectable
Axis: 1°
Kera Measurement Range Radius Curvature: 5-11mm (in .01mm increments)
Corneal Astigmatism: .25D Increments
Axis: 1° to 180° (in 1° Increments)
Kera Measurement Area Center: Ø3.2mm (R8mm)
Peripheral: 25° tangential (vertical/horizontal)
General Measurement Area 2.5mm
Measurement Modes Auto/Continuous/Quick R-K Mode RK/R/K
Measurement Time RK: .25sec per indication
R: .12sec per indication (.07 sec. in quick mode)
Mire Ring 18 points dots: 30mm Diameter
Fixation Target Tree or Bear target selectable at the time of purchase
Consistency Value 10 points
Pupil Observation Retro Mode
Reaching Distance 10.9 inch. (278mm)
Working Distance 2"(50mm) from cover glass
Dimensions Autorefractor: 6.7" x 9" x 9.5"
Charging Station W/Printer attached: 11" x 10"
Charging Station: 7" x 10"
Maximum Footprint: 11"w x 10"d x 12.5"h
Weight 2.13lbs



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