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Ophthalmic Examination Chairs and Stands

The AIT line of ophthalmic instrument examination chairs and stands are specifically designed to enhance the overall experience of patients while ensuring a consistent and simple ease of use for medical practitioners. Take a look at our full line to find the exam lane that is right for you.

2500-CB Combo Unit 2500-CH Examination Chair 2000-CB Combo Unit 2000-CH Exam Chair
2500-CB Ophthalmic Examination Lane 2500-CB Examination Chair 2000-cb 2000-CH Exam Chair
This Ophthalmic Examination Lane combines the functionality of the 2000 and 1600 Combo Unit Instrument Stands with the 2500 Automatic Examination Chair, making it a remarkable value at an excellent price. 2500-CH Fully Automatic Examination Chair is the perfect choice for today’s modern practice. Featuring a precision engineered motorized recline system extends from a seated to a supine position or any position in between. A unique solution to the space vs functionality challenge, all at an affordable price. A small 36"(91.5cm) footprint delivers total functionality in instrument delivery and patient comfort by combining features of the RIGHTmed 2000-CH Tilt Chair and the spectacular engineering of s4Optik instrument arms. A revolutionary mix of design, function, and value. The Rightmed 2000-CH Examination Chair is the perfect choice for today's modern practice.
Model 1600 Combo Unit 2000-ST Instrument Stand 1600-ST Instrument Stand Model 1600 Exam Chair
model_1600_combo_unit_right 2000-st_instrument_stand 1600-ST-ophthalmic-instrument-stand 

Model 1600 Exam Chair

Feature, Function and Value. The 1600 Combo Unit was specifically designed to meet the needs of customers who require a compact, yet fully functional instrument delivery system for their office. While delivering all of the basic functionality of a standard chair and stand, this unit occupies a small footprint with no compromise in quality or ease of use. The 2000-ST Instrument Stand has a user-friendly control console featuring a modern, contemporary design. Three recharge wells accommodate all brands of hand-held instruments. The stainless steel accents and contemporary design offer a visual enhancement to your practice. The 1600-ST brings Elegant Simplicity to the exam room: with clean esthetics, exceedingly simple instrument positioning and strong, durable construction. The Model 1600 Exam Chair features a swiss-made electrolift system with 500lb capacity. It also offers an elevation range of 22.5 to 30.5 inches. Also present is a pneumatically assisted tilting mechanism with a 40 degree range and one handed control mechanism. This elegant chair was completely redesigned to offer all of the functionality of the 1500 while offering a clean, contemporary look for the modern office.
ST-100 Exam Stool ST-100D Deluxe Stool
AIT-1000 Exam Chair Glide  
stool st-100d_deluxe_exam_chair ait-1000_exam_chair_glide  
Perfect for the smaller exam room the ST-100 only has 16" footprint that will easily fit in any exam or pretest room. With its heavy duty casters it works well on any type of floor. The AIT ST-100D Deluxe stool has a large cushion that provides a firm center with soft edges so as not to cut off circulation. The stools feature five wheel casters to assure ease of movement on all types of floor covering, including deep pile carpets. The heavy cast base assures stability and a good, firm base for precision work even when you lean forward. Place the satin finished, stainless steel base plate on any floor surface. Centered on the plate, a stainless steel track guides the carriage and prevents lateral movement. A heavy-duty stop limits the distance of travel. The track is tapered for better patient access.

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