airMAX Universal Lens Edger Air Purifier

airMAX Universal Lens Edger Air Purification System

CODE: 02260

Price: $995.00

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995 points

The airMAX is a durable, compact air purification system designed to eliminate the foul smells and dust associated with edging high-index and polycarbonate lenses. Its rugged design allows for years of hassle-free operation and its industrial strength motor makes it powerful enough to hook up in line with up to 2 edging systems. Finally, the availability of multiple connection kits allow it to be connected to virtually any wet edging system.




  • Helps eliminate foul smelling odors associated with high-index / polycarbonate lenses
  • Works with virtually any wet edging system
  • Works with up to 2 edgers simultaneously
  • Industrial grade for high-volume edgers
  • High-grade carbon filter


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