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Featured Products

Digital Acuity Plus LCD Vision Tester

CODE: 01981-SYS

$1,595.00   $1,495.00
The Digital Acuity Plus LCD Vision Tester represents the best value in the market today. Featuring a beautiful 24" LED backlit display with high definition... More
1495 points

DPM-30 Digital Pupilometer / PD Meter


$390.00   $293.95

Features Include:

  • Cornea reflection light coincidence method
  • Left/Right distance: 24-38.5mm
  • Tolerance: .25mm
  • LED Digital Display
  • Included diopter changer
  • Included eye shield
  • LED illumination
  • Single eye or both eye measurement available
  • Power saving mode: automatic shutoff after 1 min of idle time
  • Measures distance of corneal reflections for accurate pupillary distance
294 points

airMAX Universal Lens Edger Air Purification System

CODE: 02260


The airMAX is a durable, compact air purification system designed to eliminate the foul smells and dust associated with edging high-index and polycarbonate lenses. Its rugged design allows for years of hassle-free operation and its industrial strength motor makes it powerful enough to hook up in line with up to 2 edging systems. Finally, the availability of multiple connection kits allow it to be connected to virtually any wet edging system.

Choose your edger brand for the connection kit here.

995 points

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